Campbell & Company Appraisals Inc.

Our Core Values

We provide principle-centered real estate valuation and consultation services designed to assist our clients and intended users with making informed decisions in a complex and dynamic real estate market.

To that end, we are founded upon and uphold four Core Values: Objectivity, Integrity, Diligence and Teamwork.


Objectivity is our primary core value. We endeavour to avoid bias in our analyses as we know that our industry and those who rely on us are best served with unbiased opinions based on sound reasoning and facts. For this reason, we are a trusted brand among the legal community.


Our integrity arises from a combination of authenticity and confidence. We communicate what we believe, and we believe what we communicate. We are secure in our ability to appropriately analyze real estate market data in our chosen market segments and clearly communicate the results in plain language that clients and intended users easily understand.


Our diligence results in products and services of the highest standard that often exceed expectations.  We are not sparing with our professionalism as it is mutually beneficial to both sides.


We are keenly aware that individuals can perform more effectively as part of a team than they can alone. We are committed to recruiting and retaining a team that recognizes the benefit of collaboration. Teamwork results in a consistent work product through shared knowledge and market data.  Our core value of teamwork also gives us the ability to accept large projects with short deadlines.